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When your client’s capture a customer’s email address, they will see a choice to be able to send their customers an email each time they have a transaction.

This is a powerful feature because it allows their relationship with that customer to continue past the time they were at their business. Once they get home, they will be reminded of both your client’s establishment, what they earned in your loyalty program, what the available rewards might be, and of any feature or promotion you want to highlight.

Transaction email types:

  • New Customers (Welcome Email)
  • Accruals (Positive Transactions)
  • Redemptions (Deductions)

Below, you will find are a couple screenshots:

First set up your email “template” for each campaign, like so…

Then with just the click of the mouse, their customer receives a nicely formatted email with the details of their transaction or referral.  Plus, you can include a coupon or promotional special to bring them back sooner.

As you can see, it’s REALLY simple, and yet so powerful!

More details about this feature?