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The StickyStreet Platform is a cloud based, API driven, turn-key, white label loyalty and gift card platform which allows you to provide your clients with custom loyalty and stored value customer engagement programs under your own brand or application — anywhere in the world — and at your price.

The StickyStreet Agency Toolbox, Loyalty Dashboard and our award winning API provides the white-label solution for you to create, track, and manage 360 degree customer engagement programs.

Completely in the cloud, StickyStreet is accessible from anywhere, anytime – at your price, var and support. Your delivery method, be it the web, hotsites, e-commerce, terminals (including Verifone®, Exadigm, BlueBamboo, and the SP7a), is flexible and forgiving no matter the environment.  Used with or without plastic cards, there’s even an APP for “that!”  Check out Sticky2Go and other StickyStreet®eady to Go Products by contacting StickyStreet USA or one of our International Partners.


The StickyStreet platform is just that. A Platform. Go ahead build on it, the way you want it built. Created in the cloud, it’s accessible from anywhere. Whether your client is a single mom-and-pop retail store, a multi-location coffee franchise, something bigger, or in between.

The StickyStreet platform isn’t just a secure and solid foundation to build on, however. It is also set of tools and resources to build with, to augment your own tools, if you already have any.

You can use our ready-made solutions, from web-based full blown administrative and customer interfaces to physical terminals to put on brick-and-mortar stores. Or you can integrate with what you already have, from adding small snippets of code to enhance your website to integration with many shopping carts or POS software. You can even start from scratch and using our API build your own solution, interface, and/or integrations.

This means you can offer loyalty programs that work online in real time or offline with batches. With or without plastic cards, barcode readers, RFID tags, or magnetic swipe. With or without physical terminals, shopping cart or POS integration, or kiosks.

This also means you can give your clients a choice in the type of rewards they offer and how they accumulate them. Offer points, visits, events, buy-X-get-one-free, or cash earned. Deduct awards redeemed or accumulate VIP status. Work with them to identify under-performing products or services to cross-promote, use or integrate with third-party fulfilment houses, reward with cash back, or anything else that makes sense.

Whatever you choose, the power of StickyStreet is behind you all the way. We maintain the data integrity, enhancements and continually update our feature set. Be as creative as you like and build something huge on the platform, or use it as is. It’s your business model. Let StickyStreet be your platform.


The StickyStreet platform may be “in the cloud” but it is based on solid foundations and security: Redundant servers and RAID drives, hardware firewalls and load balancers, up-to-the-second database replication, daily, weekly, and monthly backups, and high-grade encryption means your data is safe and secure. Our hardware is located at the premiere hosting facility in all the world, with high-tech facilities nearby with restricted biometric-based secure entry by only certified technicians with thorough background security checks, 24-hour data and data center monitoring and surveillance, N+1 redundancy for power and HVAC, and three dedicated support teams based in the USA, working in 8-hr shifts for 24-hour support.


Well, no pun intended, but a we’ve got a van full of integrations, plug ins and StickyStreet readytogo products popping up all around the globe. Some are famous, some notable and some we think are just wicked cool, man, they’re everywhere — with more by the minute.

StickyStreet and readytogo products like these open up a new market for entrepreneurs, agencies, business consultants and marketing firms of all sizes, everywhere, allowing you to offer loyalty and gift card marketing programs to your small to enterprise size business clients.

All over the globe Marketing and Digital Agencies, Friends, VARs, POS MFG’s and other acronyms are doing some incredible stuff with the StickyStreet Loyalty Platform. Terminals, CRMs, Cloud concepts and others are hitching a ride in the back of our van? It’s an eclectic group. Remind me sometime to tell you about my trip to Berkley!

It’s true. We’ve got friends that are Monkeys, and others that are huge, even bigger than huge name brands. Some of these StickyStreet Ready folks are intimate friends and have given us keys to their apartments. Others are friends by association – but they count too!

In fact, we’re in so many countries and languages that we’re not exactly sure who are friends are -or what language they speak! We know we don’t have as many friends as that guy that created a book, but are working on being his friend too. We know some of them speak Chimp, php, Australian, Norwegian, API and even Italian (we love that accent the best we think)