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Loyalty Automated

What is LoyaltyAutomated?

Loyalty Automated is a powerful solution that uses the data generated by the loyalty program to automate a series of actions that drives customers to:

  • Visit more often
  • Increase spending
  • Remain faithful

All this while helping businesses to:

  • Measure the loyalty program performance
  • Analyze customer behavior
  • Reengage customers based on their transactional
    data and history.

Market Problem

Businesses want to increase sales and customer spent. However, they do not have the time and resources to devote to a day-to-day analysis in order to create segmented targeted communications that will keep customers engaged.

are constantly receiving spam with irrelevant offers and notifications. This happens because businesses usually send the same emails and offers to everyone, specially the small ones that do not have the right tools and budget.

How does Loyalty Automated solve the market problem?

Loyalty Automated provides the tools that allow businesses to really know their customers and automate the marketing efforts to re-engage them successfully.

How does Loyalty Automated work?

Each automation is setup with unique rules that need to be met in order for it to be automatically triggered.

Each automation sends a custom email, sms (optional), and a unique coupon that is also added to each customer account for redemption tracking purposes.

Customer receives email/sms with a coupon and comes back to shop.

Solution Components

Loyalty Platform Access

LoyaltyAutomated works with StickyStreet Loyalty Platform. These are the 2 interfaces that you might need:

Agency Toolbox (if you are a reseller)

Client Toolbox

Loyalty Automated Web Dashboard

Administrator Access: Allows the program administrator to create and manage all the automations, create coupons, emails and sms templates, and also allows to monitor the results and insights of the loyalty program.

Clerk Access: Allows clerks to lookup customers, record customer visits, and record coupons and rewards redemptions.


Happy Birthday

Start simple but strong! This popular automation sends to each of your beloved customers a Happy Birthday message and a coupon on one of the most important day of the year, their birthday!

Did you know that many customers wait anxious for the Promos that they receive for their birthday? They will love your business even more when they hear from you on that special day.

Missing Customers

Ever wondered which customers have not been back in “x” amount of days and what to do to bring them back?

The Missing Customers automation identifies customers that have not purchased in “x” amount of days and sends them a message with a coupon to bring them back! You can setup more than one automation of this kind so that
the incentive sent to someone that purchased more recently is not the same one as to someone that has been missing for a long time.

Frequent Customers

Surprise your frequent customers with incentives that will engage them even more and keep them coming back!

This automation allows you to define how many visits within a period of time a customer has to reach in order to receive that special promotion from you.

“$5 OFF coupon is sent to customers with more than 3 visits in the last 45 days”

New Customers

Strong relationships typically start with great first impressions.

This automation allows you to define an incentive that will be sent automatically to your customers after they have enrolled in your loyalty program. This coupon could be sent to them one or a few days after they visited you for the fist time.

Engaging customers from day one is key.

Cross Sales

Everyone loves this automation. The benefits are huge. It allows you to send a message with a coupon to customers that have purchased a particular product or service during a period of time.

Imagine that if a customer purchases an espresso maker today this automation will send them a coupon for “espresso maker accessories” to use on their next purchase.

Big Spender

This automation is designed to recognize and reward only the customers that you consider big spenders.

Simple and fabulous:

– Define how much a customer must spend in a period of time to qualify as “Big Spenders”
– The program identifies qualifying customers and sends them a thank you message with a personalized coupon.

One Time Coupon

The manual/on shot rule will allow you to communicate with your customers and send them an offer/promotion right when you need it.

Businesses love its flexibility. It allows them to create a promotion when they need it and schedule it so it is sent to customers the date/time they believe it will be more relevant to their customers.


Remember that we said “autopilot”? well, this automation is a great example of that. It allows you to create in advance the messages and coupons that the system will be sending on those special festivities and seasons. Think Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

Don’t miss the opportunity to reach out to your customers during those special times of the year.

With this automation you can setup your whole promotional year in advance.

Insights that matter

Offers Sent and Redeemed (Conversion Rate)

Shows you how many coupons were generated automatically (in blue) and how many of these were used by customers to make purchases (in red.)

Weight of Offers

Shows all the automatic campaigns active in a given period, based on the economic weight of purchases made with each offer type.

Purchase Frequency Rate

Shows how many customers have made purchases in your store more than once in the chosen date range. This variable is a good indicator of the level of customer loyalty. A generic average sees this rate moving between 20% and 40% of the total.

Reward Redemption Rate

Shows the percentage of customers that have redeemed a reward. The higher the value, the greater the number of customers who love your store.

Average Order

Shows the average spent by customers in the loyalty program. The graph shows how the average moves over time. It is also useful to measure the customer value against promotions generated.

Purchase Frequency

How many times the same customer returns and makes a purchase within the selected date range. This helps you measure if the loyalty strategies are meeting the set goals.

Customer Value

By knowing the average order and frequency of purchase, it becomes possible to calculate how much a customer is worth within a business cycle.

Churn Rate

This chart shows how many customers have remained loyal in a year versus how many have been lost. This is based on the number of customers who have had a purchase within the past year, versus those who have had a purchase in the specified date range.

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetization)

This indicator is perhaps the most complete method for measuring the profitability generated by a customer. Each registered customer is measured and compared to others based on three weight difference variables: Recency, frequency, and lifetime value. The RFM score allows customers to be sorted into 5 segments. This is extremely helpful to choose which strategies to use to retain customers in each of the segments.