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posIQ is a slimline tablet that sits as a hub between your barcode scanner, POS and receipt printer, instantly recognising and displaying all loyalty members, gift cards, barcodes and sales data, capturing this information and sending it to a single database.

This system ensures ease of use, clarity of information, additionally providing a far simpler path towards customer engagement and retention.

Make life easier.

Data Capture.

We capture every transaction (loyalty + anonymous) in real time. posIQ implifies online reporting and marketing across one or more locations.

Because we connect to any POS system, you’ll have a common data set no matter how many brands or models you use throughout your stores.

Location or Coalition.

The choice is yours! Allow customers to earn points, rewards and gifts with the freedom to redeem them at any of your franchises or locations.

Or keep your customers location loyal and only approve redemption at the store they earned.

Reporting & Analytics.

Every business wants to know their clients better. To know what they’re buying, as well as when and why, and what they’re missing out on.

If a client has stopped coming back, find out why, and help them discover a reason to return.

posIQ makes this customer information easy and accessible for your business.

Basket Data.

Basket Data allows you to know what your customer purchased, how much they spent, how many points were earned or used, when they shopped, and at which location.

Reward loyalty

Earn Loyalty Points.

Automated points given to the customer for every dollar spent in store. Can be adjusted with the customisable TimeSlot (Pg.4).


Automatically assign rewards for your customers based on spending, and display of buttons for ‘$10 off’ or ‘Free Coffee’, once points are accumulated.


Let your customer know when they have free coupons and track who actions your campaign, along with their entire basket data and purchase value.

Gift Cards

Allow customers to purchase and redeem gift cards with
0% MSF using any posIQ.


Time Based

Automatically discount or add rebates on specific products at a time of your choosing. Like an automated Happy Hour for your franchise.

Adjust Points

Encourage your customers to shift their buying habits by increasing reward points for selected products, and removing or reducing points from others.

This is especially handy for vendors with tobacco or prescription products, neither of which may earn reward points.


Automatically rename ‘sensitive’ products (such as prescription medication) as they are uploaded into the database, providing a level of privacy for each customer.


Gratitude Emails

Nothing says thank you like a thank you.

Gratitude emails let the customer know they’re valuable to you. They are also an excellent platform to engage in direct marketing both post and pre-purchase.

Gratitude emails will display the customers loyalty reward standing, as well as leading them back to the vendors website or promotional page.

Tickets & Registering

Perfect for an event. Know who’s there, when they arrived and ensure each ticket is scanned only once.

Plus, customers can register at the POS via the posIQ system..

Receipt Emails

Save a tree with receipt emails. At the push of the button, the customer will have a permanent receipt of their purchase in their inbox.


Scan serial numbers to receipt and database, order online and resolve post purchase claiming all within posIQ. More features are in development.


Our LoyaltyPad feature enhances your mobility. Reward, redeem and transact with gift cards while on the move, anywhere in the world.

More Features

Web ordering, post purchase claiming and more are on the way!

The Perfect Fit

Small in size. Huge in Performance.

>> The sleek, streamlined design of posIQ takes nothing away from it’s incredible performance, in fact, it’ll help it fit right in.

>> Concerned about a cluttered register? Don’t be. posIQ has the slender, well balanced figure of an ultra-marathon runner.

>> At just 251mm wide by 247mm tall, the only countertop difference you’ll notice is how streamlined your business has become.

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Do my clients know I am using StickyStreet?
No, our product, including our API is completely white-label.  Your clients will never see StickyStreet or know that you are using our cloud based platform to run your agency.

Which License do I choose?
Pick the license that best suits your model, if you are a large company with several third party technology partners (POS, payments, email marketing), go for Enterprise Level Reseller. If you are a reseller that want to use the StickyStreet without a long term commitment then go with Developer & SMB Reseller. If you want to shoot down flying saucers, get Enterprise Level Reseller.

Why aren’t your fees listed?
That’s a great question and one that has many answers.  We’re not trying to hide anything, we swear! We just want to protect your market advantage so we keep the price of our product undisclosed (as well as the monthly fee) so that you can feel free to charge your clients as you see fit.  Additionally, because we work worldwide in multiple languages across 67 countries (that many already, sheesh!) and with agencies of all sizes, there is not a one price fits all model that would apply. We are nice folks, give us a call and we’ll work with you.

Is there a commitment to use the program?
For the Enterprise Level Reseller, yes.  Agencies that sign up with this license have a 1 or 3 year plan, then it’s renewed yearly at their discretion. Developer & SMB Reseller is a monthly service and allows anyone to to freely use the platform on a month to month basis until they choose to sign up for a 1 to 3 year plan.

Can I demo the platform?
Yes and No. No, we’re not trying to trick you, but as a white label product, our platform is under wraps and top secret. Heck, we aren’t even on twitter! Although most agencies base their products on our robust, award winning API, and don’t need a demo (just API Keys), some agencies use our web based turn key versions and want to take the StickyStreet van out for a spin. Instead, for those that need it, we offer a hands-on, in-depth 2 hour demo of the various solutions. This can be arranged after an initial call with one of the Founders, or someone from our Business Development Team. Schedule a call to discuss your needs and the next step might be a demonstration of the product.

I notice that StickyStreet is not represented in my Country, how can I fix that?
Do you have a flag? Presently our platform is driven by Agencies and Partners across the Globe. Our product is not for sale to agencies or merchants in most countries where we don’t have Exclusive Partners to handle a region or Country. We KNOW loyalty, but we don’t know the economy of India, or the way merchants work in Hungary, so we depend on our Partner Agencies to guide us to develop the best loyalty platform on the planet. If you would like to explore those possibilities, be in touch. We love to grow and we’re certain the world is not flat.